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Jose Maria Gaubeka Lopez

Jose has a Degree in International Affairs and Economics, and is responsible for Project Management and Cost Control in real estate products.


A manager of technical, sales, marketing, logistics and legal teams including direct relationship with national and foreign partners.


Management of asset portfolios of financial institutions. Extensive experience of more than 15 years representing public and private organizations.


Jesus Izquierdo

From a personal and professional belief about the role and responsibility in which organizations, both private and public, have to create and promote business and socioeconomic systems for a better future of all stakeholders, my focus is to support the manufacture of intelligent decisions from disruptive thinking, strategic pragmatism and courageous leadership.

Ignacio Fraschini.png

Juan Ignacio Fraschini

Juan Ignacio Fraschini is a lawyer with 15 years’ experience in international tax matters. He has expertise in tax and corporate planning and advises on the implementation of international tax structures, primarily in South America, Europe and the United States.

His experience and high expertise in international tax matters have given him great skill in implementing international structures linked to Uruguay, Mexico, US and Europe. Juan Ignacio speaks Spanish and is fluent in English and German.

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